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"How 'Promote Us'!  can help you pay less... much less... for Personalised Mugs, Pens, Key Rings, Mouse Mats, T-Shirts, Polo's, Sweatshirts, Fleeces, Baseball Caps, Corporate gifts or any other promotional item"

...By using our worldwide contacts within this industry we have produced a fantastic online catalogue literally brimming with quality, low cost promotional items to help YOU move your particular business forward!

Dear Special Business Customer,

There comes a time when we all consider our options...especially where money is concerned! You can go on buying your promotional products at a higher price, receiving poor customer service and spending hours of your precious time having to shop around trying to find the products that are within your budget.

You can keep being disappointed when you're given a delivery date only for the goods to arrive weeks or even months later, and you can keep limiting yourself to a small range of products because that's all your present supplier deals with...

Or you can deal with a Promotions Company who have a range of over 250,000 products to choose from, some of which are the most recent and innovative promotional products on the market, supplied at possibly the lowest prices on offer AND personalised with your required logo/design and marketing message, as required.

We have been supplying businesses for over 5 years and are very proud to count a great many of them as our valued clients.

When you become one of our customers, we will not only make our products even more attractive to you by offering them at our lowest possible prices, but you will receive many other valuable benefits, including regular 'Special Offers' and the very best and most personal customer service imaginable at all times.

We offer FREE advice to discuss your requirements and ascertain your individual promotional needs. We try to make life as easy as possible by recommending the required products best suited to your product, campaign or idea. We manage to do this because when we have finished our discussion, we should have enough information to supply you with a proposal designed to meet your own specific marketing requirements.

Through our proposal, we will demonstrate how to create the most cost effective customer awareness without waste or delay, and as stated earlier, with over 250,000 products to choose from at the most competitive prices, the final package will leave you feeling your business image is in good hands and the results almost guaranteed.

Minimum Order

A great many of our products, such as embroidered/printed Clothing, Personalised Mugs, Plaques, Badges, Teddy Bears, Photo products come with a minimum order of just one product. (There are some products that will come with a larger minimum set order, but we will of course advise you accordingly before you buy).

Set-up Charges For Ordered Products

Should there be any set-up charges, we will always inform you before you place an order with us.

Product Choice

If you want to see the size of the range of products we can offer you, the first stop would be our online product catalogue. This has a massive range of promotional products to view.

One more thing. It's important you know this. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the high quality products we supply to you. If - for any reason - you do not agree that every item supplied is not of the highest standard and up to your expectations, simply return it and we will replace it absolutely FREE of charge.

So contact us now for a no obligation consultation to ascertain your promotional needs or request a no obligation quote.


Anthony J Loughran MBE

P.S. Here's a fantastic opportunity to deal with a Promotions Company with a range of over 250,000 products to choose from, some of which are the most recent and innovative promotional products on the market, supplied at possibly the lowest prices on offer and personalised with your logo/design and marketing message, as required.






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